We’re expecting! All about my Pregnancy

Baby is five weeks here! You can BARELY see him/her.
We found out when I was about two weeks along, lol. I just had this gut feeling that I was pregnant a couple of days before my missed period, and went to the doctor almost immediately after.
(Beginning of December 2020)

So the big news is out! Words can’t describe the happiness and excitement that M and I are experiencing. I’m happy I finally got it of my chest and can make it public, lol. We were waiting for the right time and wanted to see the baby grow healthy. While our closest friends and family already knew, we didn’t want the whole world finding out until we were out of that “danger zone” that is the first trimester.

First things first, you’re probably wondering how far along I am, and the answer is fourteen weeks.

Do we know the gender of the baby?

The doctor was able to tell the gender of the baby at my twelve-week ultrasound, but we decided to wait to officially share it with our families until we had our gender reveal, so in essence, no, we don’t know, but the gender has been revealed.
12-week ultrasound showing a healthy baby growing inside me! (Still cannot wrap my mind around that, it sounds insane to me)

As soon as the doctor confirmed a viable pregnancy (and honestly even before, since I just knew something was going on), I started making some changes to my lifestyle.

+ stopped drinking alcohol (obviously)

+ started eating a lot cleaner

+ no sushi (raw fish)

+ nothing unpasteurized

+ drank more water

+ took off my acrylics and only used regular nail polish (OPI and Essie since they don’t have any harmful ingredients)

+ changed my deodorant and toothpaste to cleaner/natural options

+ bought nausea candies since I started showing symptoms real quick

+ got some prenatal vitamins

LIFE SAVERS. Honestly, these worked wonders at the beginning of my pregnancy, around 4-6 weeks. After that, I kind of got sick of them since I was eating them all day. After that, I saw that eating small snacks every 1-2 hours and sparkling water and lemon were doing the trick.
I started with the One a Day Prenatal vitamins for the first 2 months. It came with a second bottle of 110mg choline which I was also taking for brain support. After that, I changed to Ritual’s prenatal vitamins but noticed it had a significantly less amount of choline than One a Day, so I still supplemented it with one a day’s choline supplement. This has been my regime ever since.

I have to be honest, from weeks four to eleven weeks the nausea and fatigue I felt were almost unbearable. I couldn’t keep a lot of food down, and the feeling was just horrible. I had no energy to do anything whatsoever. I didn’t feel like myself and I just wanted it to be over. I ended up getting medication prescribed to soothe my nausea because it just became too much to handle. That helped a LOT, but the fatigue was still there, and the ability to keep certain foods down was always a challenge.

Regardless, it has been a great pregnancy so far and can’t wait to share my journey with you guys as the days go by.

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