Friendsgiving Brunch

As many of you may have already seen in my snapchat/Instagram stories, I love to cook and host little get-togethers. (If you don’t follow me yet I don’t know what you waiting for)

This past weekend I organized a Friendsgiving brunch for my family and our friends. As per usual, food was the star of the day.

You can’t have a successful brunch without the proper decor though, and that might be my second favorite thing about hosting events. I must say, this time I decided to go more rustic and simple…. but you will see in the future how crazy the transformations are depending on the occasion.






 I wanted to make sure it kept the Thanksgiving vibe to it so I used orange candle holders, pumpkins, pine cones, and mini corns to decorate. Some pine cones were sprayed with gold and silver aerosol to give it am extra glam touch.


Anyways, the menu was also something to take note on for your next brunch.

  • Ricotta pancakes
  • “Torta de huevo española”
  • Chia pudding with berries
  • Chilaquiles with refried beans
  • Bagels with lox (smoked salmon) cream cheese, caper-berries, capers, and red onion.
  • Freshly made popover with a homemade whipped cinnamon pumpkin butter
  • Deviled eggs
  • Apple pumpkin cinnamon bundt cake

I will post individual posts with recipes of each of the dishes I made! Make sure to leave any comments or questions below and subscribe!! Here’s a gallery of pictures from the brunch:



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